100% Kona (8oz)


BREWING TIP: Use cold, filtered water and a clean machine.
GRIND only as much as you need for one cup or one pot of coffee.
CHOOSE the correct grind. Fine for espresso, medium for automatic drip, coarse for French Press.
MEASURE ground coffee to taste. Start with two level tablespoons of ground coffee per six ounces of cold filtered or bottled water.
STORE in an airtight container to protect the flavor and aroma and ensure rich, fresh tasting coffee. Do not freeze or refrigerate.

100% Kona Coffee is part of our Reserve line of exquisite single origin coffees here at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. It takes lush rains, intense sun, volcanic soils and a lot of aloha to create the distinctive characteristics of Kona coffee. This light roast is grown at 2,000 feet above the Kona Coast, Kona coffees are prized world wide for their rich aromas, mild, delicate taste, and thick body. Because Kona coffees are so highly valued, each lot is graded and registered by the State of Hawaii to prevent adulteration.

Profile: Smooth-bodied with a nutty aroma and a sweet finish.
Place: Mt. Hualalai, Kona coast, Hawaii. The geographic indication of Kona Coffee is registered to the State of Hawaii. Only genuine Kona from this region is legally allowed to be labeled as Kona coffee.
People: A mixture of Island culture and transplants from the Mainland U.S. who are sincere and casual, yet very serious about their coffee.
Process: Coffee fruit is processed from small and medium sized farms alike. There are a limited number of processing facilities, so most small farm coffee is purchased by the larger mills or milled under contract.

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