English Breakfast

About our Tea

Brisk and invigorating, our English Breakfast Tea is a blend of black teas from Sri Lankan Ceylon, Taiwanese Black Tea, and Chinese Keemun Black Tea. Our crisp, smooth, and medium-bodied blend is our take on a beloved classic and a tribute to England's tradition of tea drinking. Add our vanilla powder for a wonderful vanilla tea latte. This item includes 20 tea bags in a gift-worthy tin canister. Customers that purchased out Scottish Breakfast Tea (now discontinued) also enjoy this product.


Place: Sri Lanka, Taiwan, & China



 Robust and balanced with an astringent finish

Bangers and Mash, English Muffins

Because various teas respond differently, it’s important to balance time and temperature. To brew tea, simply steep it in hot water. Steeping is the process of extracting the flavor and health promoting compounds used in making the tea. For this product we recommend the following steep time and maximum temperature: STEEP: 5 Minutes // 195℉ / 91℃
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