Lung Ching Dragonwell

About our Tea

With Lung Ching Dragonwell Green Tea from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf you will savor the tea of emperors. This delicate green tea is revered by the Chinese for its jade green color and unique shape. The only place in the world where Lung Ching Dragonwell tea is grown is in the West Lake district in Hangzhou, China. We make the tea the same way the Chinese have made it for centuries. The tea is meticulously prepared from tender leaves using a traditional handmade technique. This item includes 20 tea bags in a gift-worthy canister.


Place: China




Sushi, chocolate cake

Because various teas respond differently, it’s important to balance time and temperature. To brew tea, simply steep it in hot water. Steeping is the process of extracting the flavor and health promoting compounds used in making the tea. For this product we recommend the following steep time and maximum temperature: STEEP: 3 Minutes // 175℉ / 80℃
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