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The Classics

The Tea Experience


Spicy, full-bodied black tea blend​.

Ginseng Peppermint​

Crisp peppermint flavor with earthy ginseng notes. 

English Breakfast

Crisp, smooth, medium-bodied black tea blend. 


Floral, fruity and light woody notes.

Lemon chamomile

Fresh chamomile flowers infused with lemon.

Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearl​

Fragrant green tea infused with jasmine flowers.  

Tea Lattes

Perfect blend of milk and freshly brewed tea


A enticing blend of robust spiced tea with rich and creamy milk.


Quality and authentic matcha paired with steamed milk to create a well-balanced drink that is both earthy and the creamy.

English Breakfast

A classic and delicious blend of freshly pulled shots of concentrated tea leaves combined with steamed milk and our French Deluxe™ vanilla powder.

*The Tea Collection

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An indulgent tea experience

Japanese Matcha Cream Strawberry Latte​ 

If you like Matcha, you’ll love this drink which is layered with strawberry, milk and a Japanese matcha foam.

Oolong Tea & Strawberry with Cream Cap​ 

The oolong tea is light and refreshing with a summer-berry puree and freeze-dried strawberries

Chai Latte with Salted Caramel Cream Cap

Our Chai Latte is creamy, slightly spicy and sweet with a delicious salted caramel cream cap.

Cold Brew Tea

Quality teas, steeped cold for more than 5 hours

Watermelon Mint lychee 

A refreshing thirst quencher, served with juicy lychee and lychee bits, and topped with fresh mint.


Our signature Peach Jasmine Cold Brew Tea, now with chewy jelly balls and topped with peach slices and fresh mint.


Fragrant, with light floral notes.

Swedish Berries 

A juicy and flavourful berry infusion, combining hibiscus and elderberries to create a warm, soul-soothing infusion with sweet, fragrant aromas.

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