Staff Card Policy

Current Promotions Exclusion

Staff Card is applicable for the purchase of the following items:

  • Generic Merchandise
  • Chinese New Year Merchandise
  • All Sliced Cakes including Festive Cakes
  • All Beverages including Limited Time Offers

Staff Card is not applicable for the purchase of the following items:

  • All Disney-licensed products
  • Chinese New Year Pineapple Tarts
  • All Whole Cakes and Party Pack, including Chinese New Year Cakes & Party Pack, until further notice
  • CBTL Machines and Milk Frothers
  • Coffee Bean Vouchers and The Coffee Bean card

General Terms of Use

With immediate effect, staff card entitlement can be used for in-store dine-in.

The following is the current Terms and Conditions of Staff Card App:

  1. Staff Card is not applicable at Beanstro at MBS, Jewel, and Airport stores.
  2. Staff Card is not applicable for the purchase of the following in CBTL stores:
    1. Licensed Product eg Disney
    2. Coffee Bean Card (TCB) and Bean Buck vouchers
    3. CBTL Machine and Milk Frother
    4. Any other specific items restricted by the Management from time to time
  3. This entitlement can be used for ordering whole cakes and party packs 4 working days in advance via Customer Care. Collection point can be at Production or Stores.

    Email :
    Email Header : Staff Card Purchase – Staff Name
  4. This entitlement is non-monetary, non-cumulative, and strictly on a consumption basis.
    Any amount not being consumed within the month will be forfeited.
  5. Please ensure the confidentiality of the Staff QR code. Do not share the QR code with
    anyone. All amounts spent on the staff card app will be deemed spent by the respective
  6. Spending exceeding monthly entitlement will be notified through email. The outstanding
    amount is to be paid by cash or PayNow by the given deadline. Failing to do so will lead to
    suspension of the staff card. HR will proceed with a deduction from staff salary.
  7. Staff Card QR code is issued to eligible staff after confirmation of appointment. Upon
    resignation, Staff Card QR will be disable. Staff will be required to pay for any purchases
    with the use of staff card from the resignation effective date, if any.
  8. Refer to the staff card app for the current promotion exclusion. Staff will be required to
    pay by cash or PayNow if staff card is used to purchase any items under the current
    promotion exclusion.
  9. Be considerate. Do not hog any seats in stores and/or purchase items in bulk.
  10. The Management reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions without prior